Welcome to the new X
Credits →
Branding: Nicola Taylor / Scott Lee
Animation: Julien Lasson / Graeme Tait
Spox.com has undergone a rebranding exercise in 2018 by DAZN Creative team aiming to become the number one German digital sports platform. This rebrand was a complete rework with a new vision, mission statement, logo, shapes library, patterns and motion language based on 4 principles.
Motion Principles →
Motion principles are key to creating unified animation across all brand assets. This rebrand revolves around 4 core principles, setting some rules but leaving scope for experimentation and variation.
Visualisation: geometric shapes live alongside noise pattern and hand drawn scribbles, blending both digital and editorial worlds.
Accumulation: layers of visualisations (background, patterns, kinetic typography) are stacked on top of each other creating a stratification of information and a sense of perspective
Cognitive load: Multiple layers of visualisations are combined. Seamless transitions and focus shifts provide the feeling of endless exploration.
Rhythm: spacing is important, 'silent' gaps setting the rhythm of the animation.